Experiences and Competencies of ICT Partner

  • Planning and Optimization of Communication Networks
  • NGN (Next Generation Network), QoS, Multimedia Applications
  • Wireless and 4G/5G Mobile Communications, Satellite Communications
  • Fiber and Free Space Optical Communications, Optoelectronic Integration, Systems and Components
  • Microwave Engineering, Antenna Systems
  • Network Security, Network Management

Participation and Guidance of various Planning, Optimization, Research and Development Projects

  • Performance Analysis, Investigation of Achievable Bitrates of 5G Multiple Radio Access Technologies and Resource Selection Behavior
  • Participation in the Project "Future Cell (5G Massive MIMO Systems)", Channel Estimation, Beam Forming
  • Investigation and Simulation of Planar and Conformal Antenna Arrays
  • Investigation and Performance Analysis of DA2GC (Direct Air to Ground Communications) by using 4G LTE Advanced Technology
  • Planning and Optimization of the Transport Network (Backbone, Core Network and Access Network), i.e. of a GSM/UMTS/LTE Mobile Network, by considering all relevant transport network technologies like optical fiber, wireless radio relay systems, leased lines, technologies like SDH, PDH, DWDM, GMPLS/ASTN, ATM, IP/MPLS
  • Planning and Rollout of an Optical Fiber SDH/WDM backbone network for the third german mobile network operater E-Plus (now merged to Telefonica O2 Germany)
  • Availability and Quality Analysis of the transport network of a GSM/UMTS mobile network
  • Waveguide Structures in the Optoelectronic Integration
  • Simulation methods in the Optical Communications and Microwave Engineering
  • Development of various integrated antenna systems for GSM, GPS and AM/FM especially for the Automotive Applications
  • Planning and Optimization of CATV networks, Investigation of Intermodulation Distortions of the broadband amplifiers
  • 3D-Simulation, Design of Microwave Circuits, Combline Filters, Cassegrain Antenna and Planar Antenna
  • Investigation of scattering and diffraction of wave propagation at the metallic and arbitrarily rough dielectric bodies
  • Communications, Safety and Security Technology for the applications in the Railways, Public Transportation, Chemistry, Industry, Airports (Emergency Call, Video Surveillance, Information and Communication Systems)
  • Project for replacement of the existing editor system by a new, cross medial editor system (Text, Images, Audio, Video) to meet the modern requirements of a news agency and to optimize the workflow and to better involve the customers (newspapers, publishing houses, radio and TV stations) in the production process of the world leading news agency
  • Further development and optimization of the information and communications infrastructure of a cargo shipping company
  • SeaCam Video Streaming form vessels to headquarters via satellite systems
  • Fleet Tracking for an improved support of the daily operations of a cargo shipping comany with world wide operation
  • Feasibity and Introduction of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System according to the business requirements in different branches